About us

Huzhou Weilan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise, and we taking research as guidance. Under the supports of universities, we optimize and update the old manufacturing technologies and methods, and strive to offer customers quality products in good prices. Moreover, we also provide custom-made service for customers with special requirements. At present, our main products include: Perhydroacenaphthene,E-1-Chloro-6,6-dimethyl-2-hepten-4-yne and 4-Vinylphenol. In 2018, the Company will enhance the ability of the technology brokerage team to provide "headhunter" company-level high-quality services to customers who lack technology or lack of production sites.Weilan looks forward to establishing closely cooperative relationships with customers all around the world to create a bright future together!

Contact us
Contact: Mr. Yan
Add: South side of west end of Shuanglin bridge, Nijiatan village, Shuanglin town, Huzhou, China
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